What is a Public Aduster?

A Public Adjuster is a professional who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim.

Aside from Attorneys, Public Adjusters are licensed by State Departments of Insurance are the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process.

Primarily they appraise the damage, prepare an estimate and other claim documentation, read the policy of insurance to determine coverage and negotiates with the Insurance Company’s adjuster.

A Public Adjuster is a representative of the policyholder who advises, manages and submits claims to the policyholder’s Insurance Company.

There are three classes of Insurance Claims Adjusters:
→Staff Adjusters are employed by an Insurance Company or self insured entity
→Independent Adjusters are independent contractors hired by the Insurance Company
→Public Adjusters are employed by the policyholder