SARASOHN & COMPANY is one most respected public adjusters in the country. In our more than eighty years of service to the policyholder, we have represented some of the country’s largest and most prestigious corporations and individuals. The staff of Sarasohn & Company’s inventory specialists, and highly respected and competent negotiators, is without equal in the field. We also employ a staff of building experts and engineers who have gained the respect of the industry.

In recent years, it has become absolutely necessary that the policyholder have professional representation, as does the insurance carrier. Policies are becoming more individualized and sophisticated in an effort to keep abreast with the maturity of the American Policyholder.

The result of this revolution of coverage has seen claims representatives differing widely in the interpretation and application of policy coverage.

The insured person has the right to secure representation, which will insure the application of policy coverage so as to affect the greatest value in settlement of his loss.

A difference in interpretation of the policy may represent a far greater collectible or loss of value than an insured may be fully aware of at the initial point of appraising his loss. It is clear that the original presentation of claim influences the final settlement and is most often the basis of the final offer. It must be properly prepared and presented.

Sarasohn & Company will provide the client with an extensive range of professional skills and proven experience.

Sarasohn & Company will provide the flexibility to aid you while you make decisions following a loss and to offer you the most advantageous yield of the coverage provided and the most expeditious means to re-occupy your home.

Expert experience and knowledge of Building, Contents, and Loss of Use Claims provide a rapid, successful adjustment of a loss.

In the U.S. and abroad, the name Sarasohn & Company is identified with aggressive, dedicated representation of the insurance consumer. Our tradition spans more than three quarters of a century and has innovated many adjustment and indemnification techniques.

Our industry has made great strides since Sarasohn & Company pioneered the business starting in 1924. Today, you have a choice among several Loss Consulting firms, each offering similar services.

Why choose Sarasohn & Company? We understand the value of coordination. To expedite and maximize your claim, you need a team of specialist guided by an experienced Loss Consulting manager. This executive must combine experience, judgment and high-level personal service – the same qualities you require in your own top managers. At Sarasohn & Company, you can be sure your coordinator has been tested by tough claims over the years, and knows how to organize your recovery program quickly and efficiently.

Our ability to work personally with you, selecting and coordinating proven experts, is our greatest resource in ensuring your recovery. Strong client relationships are built on our core beliefs.

Sarasohn & Company is the best known name in the Loss Consulting industry. Over decades, Sarasohn & Company built its reputation for integrity and reliability. Now, after a transition period, we are renewing a commitment to the core beliefs and values that made Sarasohn & Company so widely respected. They are as follows:

→You deserve access to qualified experts, who will focus personal attention on your loss. We don’t run Sarasohn & Company by computer or formula. Our business is expertise-intensive, and the senior managers of Sarasohn & Company have unparalleled experience in resolving a great variety of losses. More importantly, they know the importance of personal relationships. Sarasohn & Comapny’s key executives are career professionals, who have innovated techniques that our competitors now emulate.

→Your time is of the essence. After a loss occurrence, every day and hour counts. When time is money, responsive Loss Consultants are of great value. We set schedules and deadlines for ourselves, clients, and consultants. We know how to keep cases moving down the track at a speed that keeps you happy, without wasting valuable time of your management team.

→Integrity and results go hand in hand. We earned our reputation at Sarasohn & Company by consistently producing greater value for our clients than insurance companies typically offer as restitution. We will match our long-term performance record against any competitor. We believe that every case deserves our firm’s total attention, and helps to build our reputation.

→You deserve aggressive representation, along with continued strong insurance company relationships. Sarasohn & Company is known for its aggressive advocacy of insurance consumers. Also, we are widely respected for fairness by the insurers with whom we negotiate and settle. Our goal is to support claims with such meticulous detail and in-depth knowledge that insurers admire our work, too. We know that solid long-term relationships with insurers will save you even more money.

→You should have utmost confidence in Your Resource for Recovery. The best way to start recovering from a loss is to know it will be handled with precision and sensitivity by proven professionals.

When you choose SARASOHN & COMPANY,
You put the best resources available
To work toward total, timely recovery