Let us share with you
the secret to recovery

When managers assess the aftermath of a disastrous event, they often fail to understand major elements of loss. These elements aren't limited to smoke, water, structural damage, loss of inventory and business interruption. They also include loss of momentum, routines and morale. Managers don't know how soon the impact of a loss will be behind them. Sales reps don't know what to tell key customers. CEOs and CFOs don't know how soon they'll have numbers or solid answers.

Our job is to move quickly, assess losses accurately, and maximize your insurance recovery. We help you document all losses, including work stoppage, and we prepare your insurance claim meticulously and persuasively. Working closely with you, we take the burdens of details off your shoulders. We expedite the process of getting your organization back to full speed, while increasing your confidence that insurance settlements will be maximized.

Once your company sees Sarasohn and Company's experience and personal service in action, your managers & employees can get back to work producing growth and profits.

That's the real secret to recovery

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